Using Feeder

About feeds

Room management

System malfunction

Using Feeder

How much does it cost to use Feeder?

You can use Feeder for free.

Do I need to register my email address to use Feeder?

No, you do not have to provide email address.

(You can reset passwords or delete room with your email address registered.)

Which browser is available for Feeder

3 types of browsers are available for Feeder.

Google Chrome™
Microsoft® Edge

Is Feeder available for mobile devices?

You can access Feeder by mobile devices.
Please refer to the "Mobile Page" link in the Menu.

I am kicked out by the message "Access Denied"

Access will be denied by reasons below.

・Somebody denied access of yours.
・You posted too many feeds in short period.
・Your activity violated the terms of use and denied access by service provider.
・You are using same Internet provider of somebody whose access is denied.

Denial of access will not be canceled by service provider.

About feeds

I can not edit, remove my feeds

Whether or not you can edit, remove feeds is decided by your session information.
If you close the browser, you lose your session information.
So that you can not edit, remove feeds that you posted.

I want to post the "Info feed"

We are sorry but Info feeds are not available for users.

Room management

I do not want random people to access my room

Please create "Private Room" with login password.

I want to change the email address I registered

Follow "Menu -> Settings -> Change Email Address" to change email address.

System malfunction

The time of Join/Leave is not correct

These times are your computer time.
Please make sure your computer time is correct.

What if I find any bug on Feeder?

Please use the Report Form to inform us.

I want to talk to the service provider

Please contact us.