Terms of Use

1st - About

  1. This "Terms of Use" applies to any activity that users do by using Feeder(this service).
  2. You can use this service only if you agree with this Terms of Use.
  3. This Terms of Use may be changed without prior announcement.

2nd - Definition

Definitions of words that are used in this Terms of Use are shown below.

  1. This site = The web site called Feeder(Domain nameļ¼šx-feeder.info).
  2. This Service = All services that are provided by this site.
  3. Administrator = Service provider of this service.
  4. Users = People who use this service.

3rd - Changes of the Terms of Use

  1. Administrator can change the Terms of Use at any time.
  2. Terms of Use will be effective after it appears on this site.
  3. If users use this service after the change of Terms of Use, users are thought to be agreed with new Terms of Use.

4th - Preparation of Computer Environment

  1. Users may prepare computer environment(hardware, software, internet connection) by their own responsibility.
  2. Administrator will not be involved in preparetion of computer environment.

5th - Responsibility of Uses

  1. Users use this service on their own responsibility.
  2. Users are responsible for all the information they provide to this service.
    Administrator is not responsible for those information.
  3. Users may take backups of data on this service since their is no responsibility on Administrator to save data.

6th - Prohibition

These activities below are strictly prohibited.
If violated, related Feeder will be deleted without prior announcement.

  1. Slander, Defamation, Discrimination, Violation of rights(such as copyright, privacy) of this site and others.
  2. Violation of intellectual property right of this site and others.
  3. Violation of public order and standards of decency.
  4. Display personal information on public space.
  5. Illegal access to this site and other computers.
  6. Post link to illegal/dangerous web sites.
  7. Spamming.
  8. Send computer viruses.
  9. Illegally change data on this site.
  10. Denial of service attacks.
  11. Other activities that Administrator thinks not acceptable.

7th - Changes of Services

Administrator can change/stop/end this service at anytime.
Administrator takes no responsibility of losses of users by ending this service.

8th - Authority of Use of Provided Information

Administrator can use information that users provide for enhancement and maintenance of this service.

9th - Escape Clause

  1. Administrator takes no responsibilities for troubles occured by using this service.
    Users take all responsibilities on their own.
  2. Administrator takes no responsibilities for losses triggered by change of services, too many accesses,
    disasteres and any other unexpected factors.
  3. Administrator has no obligation to save and delete the information that users provide.
    Users take all responsibilities of their activities.
  4. In cases below, Administrator can disclose the information to others without any responsibilities for losses.
    1. Inquired by public organization(such as court, police).
    2. Humans or properties are in state of danger.
    3. Violation of Terms of Use has occured.
  5. Administrator takes no responsibilities for losses which has occured by using this site.
  6. Administrator will deny access or delete information with no responsibilities if any suspicious activities are found.

10th - Based law

This Terms of Use is based on Japanese law.

Supplementary Provision

  1. This Terms of Use is effective since June 16th 2012.
  2. This Terms of Use is applied to activities of users before the release date.